America ready to equip the Saudi military to counter threats from Iran

[original article in YJC News]

According to The Washington Times, Obama’s government will equip the Saudi military with weapons and advanced military systems, an agreement that’s only been done with Israel.

The Obama administration is preparing and equipping the Arab States of the Persian Gulf with an advanced defense system, specifically Saudi Arabia against a potential military threat from Iran. This move comes in response to the concerns that many countries in this region have of a nuclear Iran.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, made a trip to Riyadh this week to meet with his counterpart to discuss security cooperations. This is at a time when American Senior Officials disclosed the purchase of GBU-28 bombs by Saudi Arabia (the largest importer of American weapons in the world). Prior to this agreement, Washington only sold these advanced bombs to Israel, despite repeated requests from other countries. It has been said that the American Officials who disclosed such information did not want their names to revealed. The Saudi Embassy in Washington has also declined to comment.

Another issue from this confidential meeting is the creation of a widespread system known as the “defensive shield”, which will begin from Saudi Arabia to Qatar and continue to the United Arab Emirates. Such a defensive system will require the approval of Israel, but is expected to pass at the next Camp David Summit with the regional States in attendance: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman.


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