America Sanctions two Airline Companies for assisting Iranian Airline, Mahan Air

[original article in BBC Farsi]

US Minister of Finance has placed sanctions on one Iraqi company – al-Naser Airlines – and one UAE company – Sky Blue Bird Aviation– for helping Iran purchase second hand airplanes.

This action by the American government occurred after an Israeli official strongly criticized the Obama administration for Iran’s purchases of passenger aircrafts.

Ever since the [1979] hostage crisis at the American Embassy in Tehran, Washington-Tehran relations have been strained, and [in addition to other sanctions] America has sanctioned exports of aircraft and all related equipment and spare parts to Iran. However, following the temporary agreement in Geneva [on Iran’s nuclear program] there was some removal of the restrictions and bans on the sale of spare parts to Iran.

According to the US Minister of Finance, al-Naser Airlines helped Mahan Air purchase nine airbus planes. Because Mahan Air supports the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah in Lebanon, they have been under sanctions. And it was announced less than two weeks ago Iran had purchased nine airbus planes.

In addition to al-Naser Airlines and Sky Blue Bird, a number of companies were added to America’s sanction list. In accordance with US sanctions, these sanctions will go into effect thus preventing companies and entities from doing business with [al-Naser and Sky Blue Bird]. The US Minister of Finance emphasized [America’s] continued efforts to sanction those companies and entities who try to circumvent the sanctions on Iran.


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