Araghchi was accused of crossing the “red line” in the nuclear negotiations

[original article in Radio Zamaneh]

A number of Representatives of Parliament have said that the remarks by Abbas Araghchi (one of Iran’s nuclear negotiators), on the West visiting [an Iranian] military base, is crossing the “red line”.

Fars News Agency reports that Ebrahim Aghamohammadi, a Member of Parliament’s national security committee and foreign policy committee, commented that Abbas Araghchi’s is not authorized to make such a statement about Iran’s military facilities. He added that visiting military facilities is not a part of the nuclear negotiations.

Abbas Araghchi on Friday said, “Access to non-nuclear sites, which include military facilities, can be included. According to the adjoining protocol, this has its own specific conditions, and in all actuality, this is to manage access to the environmental samples. These types of inspections, or visits to military facilities, or even central visits are viewed in our eyes as no more than observational visits – and there lies the difference. As a result, within the framework of this adjoining protocol, the issue is only access, nothing more.”

Mohammad Hassan Asfari, another Member of Parliament’s national security committee and foreign policy committee, stated, “Araghchi does not have the authorization to decide on whether or not [the West] can visit Iran’s military sites.”

He went on to say that according to Article 110 of the Iranian Constitution, the Armed Forces are under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic and “no one can interfere in the discussions of the Iranian Armed Forces.”

Iran’s Military Officials have stated before that the West’s requests to visit Iran’s military sites will not be reciprocated that easily.

Abbas Araghchi, Majid Takhtravanchi, and Hamid Baeidinejad were at the negotiations in Vienna this last Tuesday and were writing the agreement from the talks that ended late Friday, May 15th. The next round of talks between the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Iran and the P5+1 continued on Wednesday, May 20th in Vienna.

Araghchi stated that writing the final text of the nuclear agreement draft between Iran and the P5+1 is a very difficult task and won’t be completed very quickly. Iran and the P5+1 – which includes, America, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany – have placed a self-imposed deadline of July 1st to reach a final agreement.


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