Iran Warns America and Saudi Arabia of Possible Interruptions to their Aid Ships to Yemen

[original article in BBC Farsi]

Masood Jaziri, Deputy Staff-General of Iran’s Armed Forces, commented on the possible interruptions to Iran’s humanitarian aid ships to Yemen by America and Saudi Arabia by saying, such an action “will spark such heated debates that will be out of the control of America and Saudi Arabia”.

In an interview with al-Alam, an Arabic language Iranian state television, Mr. Jaziri said: “I openly announce that the Islamic Republic’s patience has a limit”.

On May 12th, Iranian ships carrying humanitarian aid for Yemen left Bandar Abbas. Iranian Naval Fleet Officials said, our country’s [humanitarian] fleet to the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb is guaranteed to be well protected. America wanted Iran to send their cargo ships to Djibouti, rather than directly to Yemen, where the UN will deliver the aid to the Yemenis.

Hours before Iran’s warning, US Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said: “If the Iranians follow UN protocol, allow their ships to dock at Djibouti, and allow the humanitarian aid they claim to have be distributed through the channels of the United Nations than they will be doing the right thing”.

Simultaneously, Jeff Rathke, spokesman for America’s Foreign Ministry, said the United States is closely watching the Iranian ships. And, US officials have warned [Iran] against taking any provocative action.

Two weeks prior, Saudi Arabia bombed Sanaa International Airport in the capital of Yemen – the second time in one week – thus preventing Iran from landing their plane carrying humanitarian aid.

Hassan Firouzabadi, Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, stated that Saudi Arabia sending war plans to prevent defenseless humanitarian and commercial aircrafts to land requires an appropriate response.


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