The Presence of Zarif in Parliament, Controversial differences on the text and files

[original article in Khabar Online]

According to Khabar Online, Mohammad Javad Zarif and Abbas Araghchi went to Parliament on May 26th in a closed session with the Representatives of State to discuss the P5+1 talks.

Since this was not a public meeting, some Representatives who spoke with reporters spoke in generalities. Mohammad Reza Tabesh, Representative of Ardakan [capital of the Yazd Province], was satisfied with the meeting and the descriptions. Tabesh said that Zarif explained every detail of the negotiations to the Representatives. He went on to say that the previous chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili, who was a member of the core nuclear negotiating team was asked countless times to come to Parliament and give an explanation but he only appeared once or twice. And it was Parliament that approved [Jalili] as the chief negotiator. Abraham Karkhani said: the topics discussed with Mr. Zarif and Mr. Araghchi, during the closed session with Parliament, was somewhat more transparent than previous meetings. However, in the opinion of Mr. Karkhani the meeting was more transparent but not very convincing.

Apparently, Zarif’s comments cannot be made public. But why, according to Mohammad Reza Tabesh, even though Saeed Jalili did not come to the Parliament as much, when he did the comments he made were published? Zarif, himself, asked the Representatives not to tell the media the things he said in his speech. The [same sentiment] was emphasized by other authorities as well. Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, Chief Justice of Iran, stressed that: publicizing their closed door conversation [with Zarif] will not help the negotiation process.

However, what is the information the media cannot have? The House Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy explained that the main topic discussed during the closed session was the new demands of the American negotiating team. According to Mohammad Saleh Jokar, the American’s recent dialogue with their Iranian counterparts is to play games and renege [on previous agreements] – in particular, reducing the number of centrifuges at the Fordo Plant.


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