Bashar Assad: Iran’s Support is the Backbone of Our Battle

[original article in Radio Farda]

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, met with an Iranian Official – the third to have traveled to Syria within a week – and praised Iran’s role in supporting the Syrian regime against the opposition.

According to Agency France Press, on May 19th, President Assad met with Ali Akbar Velayati, the International Affairs Adviser to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Iran, and said “Iran’s support of the Syrian people, is the backbone of our fight against terrorism.”

After his trip to Lebanon, Ali Akbar Velayati went to Syria to meet with the Syrian President. The Syrian Government Forces who are fighting the forces trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad are terrorists.

According to The Iranian Student News Agency, Ali Akbar Velayati – during his visit with Assad – said, “Syria is undoubtedly in a better position today than compared to the beginning of the crisis.” He went on to say, “despite the thoughts [of many] that said Syria will fall within three to four weeks, it has now been more than four years of resistance and [the government] is getting stronger by the day.”

During his visit to Damascus, Mr. Velayati said that Iran increased its line of credit Syria, and the two countries signed a number of cooperating agreements.

One day prior to Mr. Velayati’s trip, Rostam Ghasemi, Chairman of Iran’s Development of Economic Relations, made a trip to Damascus, and before him Alaldeen Boroujerdi, Head of The National Security Committee of Iran’s Parliament also met with President Assad on May 14th.

These meetings took place after front line of Bashar al-Assad’s army was under pressure and had to retreat.

There have been reports that groups connected to al-Qaeda and other rebel groups have successfully conquered the last – and largest – remaining Syrian military base, which is in the province of Idlib. The al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda, in recent weeks, have captured major portions of Idlib and North-West Syria.

The city of Tadmour (or Palmyra), its highway to Damascus, and Homs have been under attack by the Islamic State. And on Sunday, at least 40 rockets were fired by Government Forces in Tadmour.


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