Tehran and Baghdad’s relationship is strategic / cooperating with Iraq in combating ISIS

[original article in Mehr News]

On June 17th, President Rouhani in referring to the broad economic capacities and potentials of Iran and Iraq emphasized that, “The economic relations between Tehran and Baghdad, in all areas of interest, need to be strengthened further, and it is necessary to accelerate the operation and implementation of agreements between the two countries”.

President Rouhani also underlined the efforts for developing the ports of Basra, Abadan and Khorramshahr as the priorities in cooperation between two countries and stated: This is especially beneficial to the residents of the southern regions of both countries.

After wishing the Iraqi Prime Minister a pleasant Ramadan, Dr. Rouhani expressed the hope that this month would be the month of victory of Iraq’s government and its people against terrorism. “The stability and security of Iraq, undoubtedly is the stability and security of Iran” Rouhani said.

Furthermore, in referring to the Iraqi government’s efforts in strengthening the unity and integration of the political parties, ethnic groups and religious sects, the president stated: “Unfortunately, some countries in order to achieve their short-term interests, are seeking division and separation amongst the united nation of Iraq. In such atmospheres, all the efforts must be endowed towards the unity of the Iraqi people, in order to completely disappoint the enemies.”

President Rouhani then spoke about the people’s resistance and the Iraqi army in regards to their fight against terrorism: “It is without a doubt that the main burden of responsibility in defeating the terrorist rests on the shoulders of the Iraqi people and army. During this time however, the people and government of Iran have been and will continue to stand next to the people and government of Iraq.”

Rouhani further emphasized Iran’s readiness to continue its efforts in working with the Iraqi government to combat terrorism: stability, security, and peace in Iraq as well as her neighbors can help [our] regional development and prosper. The Iraqi Prime Minister appreciated the hospitality of the Iranian government and people and called for stronger business and cultural ties between the two nations.

Haider al-Abadi continued to explain his country’s actions in combating this terrorist group: ISIS has been trying to destroy our cultural heritage, our ideas, religion, nation, and government. We must stand united in our fight against terrorism and during our campaign seek the help and assistance from our friends. The Prime Minister went on to say that Iraq values the Islamic Republic of Iran’s friendship and support in our continued fight against terrorism. And with this help, there is no doubt that not only will we destroy ISIS in Iraq but also in the region.

al-Abadi also emphasized the continued efforts at the Port of Basra, Khorramshahr, and Abadan.


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