Eliminating subsidies to the rich requires a plan by the Politicians

[original article in Eco News]

The Plan and Budget Commission referring to the inadequacy of eliminating subsidies on the rich stated that, “In order to improve the deficit, the government must be targeted in eliminating the subsidies to the rich, which requires serious measures by the politicians.”

In an interview with Eco News, Shahbaz Hassanpour [Representative of Sirjan – a city in the Kerman Province] said that nearly twenty million people in the country do not need subsidies, and the cutting of these subsidies must start with the wealthy. In response to the Parliament’s disagreement to this proposal, Hassanpour stated that the subsidies should be provided to those who need it, a percentage for production and promoting businesses, and to solving the unemployment of the youth who are educated and specialized.

The Plan and Budget Commission reiterated that: “The elimination of subsidies to the rich needs to be aggressively pursued which will not only free up a portion of the budget but will also identify the people who need these subsidies the most.” In this current state [that we are in] we must listen to our Supreme Leader that the economy will gain strength in relation to the economic programs we have in place.

Furthermore, our economic condition and the pressure from sanctions on the Iranian people and the country is further proof that the removal of these subsidies is beneficial and practical for the people and the nation.

The Commission concluded that if the government does not have the ability to remove these subsidies, then this responsibility will fall on the state level. Each Governor will form a specialized committee to identify those in need of subsidies and eliminate those who do not.

Mr. Hassanpour pointed out that: “Our request to the government in implementing the elimination of subsidies to the wealthy class, in order to improve our society, is by aggressively pursuing this [objective] so [the government] can easily make the necessary decisions on the country’s deficit and identify those people who need the assistance.”

Hassanpour also added that the government has failed to take the appropriate action in removing the subsidies to the rich, and said “If the government can successfully eliminate the cash subsidies they can use that revenue to better turn the wheels of production, and the issues of employment and unemployment for the youth will greatly improve.”


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