Iran’s position in the recent Economic Report

[original article in Eghtesad Online]

Over recent years, Iran’s position in the rankings announced by international institutions in the field of the economy has had certain fluctuations due to the influence of several factors.

Each country’s ranking in the global index is very effective in shaping the overall approach to that region. Investors, entrepreneurs, and tourists in choosing partners and targets, have a look over these indicators and the status of each country in the ranking.

The same can be said about the economic sphere. Each country’s position in the economic rankings has an effective role in determining the scope and depth of commercial and economic influence of that country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s ranking has had many fluctuations in recent years because of various causes. But in terms of economic indicators and in the rankings which are based on these indicators, unfortunately, our country’s situation is not desirable. A glance at Iran’s ranking in a few economic indicators, confirms this fact.

Competitive Industrial Performance

The most recent result for this index was released for 2011. This index is measured among 136 countries and in 2011 Iran was ranked at 59.

Global Competitiveness Index

For the year of 2014, and out of 144 countries, Iran was 83rd.

Enabling Trade Index

Countries were evaluated in terms of business capabilities. The most recent results come from 2014.  In this assessment, 138 countries in terms of commercial power have been studied, and Iran ranked 131st.

Human Development Index

Although it may seem that the human development index is not related to economic issues, the criteria which are evaluated in this index indicates the role of welfare and economic issues. This index was last measured in 2013: 187 countries have been evaluated in the human development index and Islamic Republic of Iran was in 75th place.

Index of Economic Freedom

Index of economic freedom is one of the important indicators that foreign investors consider in choosing their investment intentions. Unfortunately, in this index, our country’s situation is not desirable at all. The economic freedom index was measured in 2014: in an assessment of 186 countries, Iran is at 173.


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