Larijani: Iran is interested in expanding relations with Mexico

[original article in Azad News Agency]

Azad News Agency reported that on June 15th Iran’s Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, met and spoke with the Mexican Parliamentary Member.

At the beginning of the meeting, Larijani commented on the positive relationship as well as the growth between the two nations: “Iran and Mexico are two countries [located] in strategically important geographic locations, and we are interested in [building] relations and cooperation with Mexico in various fields in order to expand [both countries’] existing capacities.”

Larijani also pointed out that Mexico and Iran’s parliaments have the capability and power to have [equally] prominent roles in a deep relationship with joint cooperation on many levels. The Mexican Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee Chairwoman, Gabriela Cuevas Barron – as she remembers Iran as an historic and ancient civilization, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as an important and major country in the region – expressed her country’s interest in developing relations with Iran: “Mexico is interested in expanding our relationship and cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran on all possible fronts; including politics, economy, business, industry, science, technology, and culture. [Furthermore], the Mexican Senate will provide the necessary support in this regard.”

Ms. Barron went on to say that because Mexico – as a member of the Latin American region – has endured, on many levels, the suffering from drug trafficking, terrorism, and violence it does understand the problems that Iran faces [with these similar issues]. She continued, “The only way to eradicate terrorism, is to have all members of the international community be absolutely and unequivocally against it.” Ms. Barron called for an increase in cooperation and exchange between Mexico and Iran in the areas that are of mutual interest.

In addition, Fernando Marquez Ponce, the Mexican Senate’s National Defense Commission Chairman, expressed his satisfaction with Mexico’s visit to Iran, stating that Mexico looks forward to expanding and developing a relationship as well as a joint cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in an array of fields, particularly, politics, economy, and technology in order to diversify our international relationships in the interest of each of our national well-being.


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