Iran, Syria and Iraq hold a trilateral meeting on the “war on terror”

[original article in BBC Farsi]

On June 22nd, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli [Iran’s Minister of Interior] stated that, “The three countries in resistance against Israel, combating terrorism, violence and extremism have actively expanding their cooperation and have built joint operations.” The Minister also said, “I hope this trilateral meeting will transition into a multilateral meeting where the ministers of those Islamic countries in the region who share the same opinions and beliefs on common issues and activities can unite and meet.” He did not mention when such a meeting would take place.

The Iraqi and Syrian governments will attend the joint session with Iran with the aim of combating extremism and the conflict of the so-called Islamic State (Dash) on their territory. Iran has stated that in support of Iraq and Syria Iranian advisors are present in both countries.

Mr. Rahmani Fazli announced that parallel to the trilateral meeting between Iran, Syria and Iraq, an official meeting will also take place with the Syrian Minister of Interior, Major General Mohammad al-Shaar, in Tehran.

Iranian media has reported that the Iranian and Syrian Ministers have held conversations on regional developments, the deepening of a bilateral relations, and consultations on the developments of Syria as well as its war on terror. As a result, a safety and security agreement was signed between Iran and Syria. Mr. Rahmani Fazli said that the Security Officers of Iran and Syria’s Ministry of Interior are responsible for executing this agreement.


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