Larijani emphasis on a healthy and transparent elections / Iran’s security is stable

[original article in IRINN]

The Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, during a speech on May 31st in celebration of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated that in reference to the country’s economic situation, as well as its regional and international development, the Parliamentary elections could be effective within the region and beyond.

Larijani goes on to say that, “this [political] channel is a way the people are really in control of their fate, and [elections] is the most important mechanism that enables this. The conditions of [our] elections needs to be bolder in order to be most effective.” Speaking on the complex situations and the crises within the region, Larijani said: there are a lot of elements of these ambiguous rogue religious groups and the situation within the region has changed. And in regards to the behaviors of the lesser known [yet] larger countries in the region, he said: the Islamic Republic of Iran is an influential country throughout the region.

Larijani added that [Iran] will not send military force to [these crisis-ridden] areas but the mindset of the Islamic Republic is a fluid one and Iran is a player in the awakening of the Muslims in this region. Apart from this, our national security is an issue that requires us to correctly monitor and analyze the region. Furthermore, it is important for our elections to be able to correctly assess the situations in our region as well as evaluate the important factors.

The Speaker of Parliament said that, having an exceptional election [season] will surely enhance the Islamic Republic’s prestige, and this variable having an effect on the region is obvious. A country’s national security is not a separate matter from regional security issues. Therefore, regional issues are best monitored by taking care of one’s national security, which fortunately, with the turmoil in the region, Iran is one of the most stable and secure.

The overall security of Iran is one of great stability and safety, due to the people’s will and the effectiveness of our armed force’s security department who have a keen insight on the issues as well as some tactical measures that we must acknowledge.


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