With the lifting of sanctions, Iran’s neighbors will also benefit

[original article in Radio Zamaneh]

Since the nuclear agreement, a positive atmosphere has developed in the region. After years of tension with European nations and a cut in diplomatic engagement with America, much can be learned from this new chapter in Iran’s relations with the world. At the same time it is expected that with the removal of sanctions imposed by the West on Iran will have a positive impact not only for Iran but also her neighbors. In particular, Afghanistan, a country that shares not only a border but also the language, conservative values and a close relationship with Iran.

The political leaders in Afghanistan expressed happiness and congratulations for the [nuclear] agreement, however the international experts in Afghanistan still have concerns [because] this agreement comes at a time where Afghanistan is still fighting the Taliban as well as newer groups who have aligned with ISIS. A day does not go by where the media reports on clashes and casualties.

Salahuddin Rabbani, Afghanistan’s Minster of Foreign Affairs, congratulated the Iranian people and said this agreement will hopefully bring security to the region and help with the fight against terrorism. He also said that he is “convinced that with the lifting of sanctions on Iran this will develop and further expand regional trade which will have a positive impact on the countries in region, including Afghanistan.”

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s former president also saw this agreement as “a triumph for the Iranian government and people and believes the result of this agreement will favor peace in the region and the world.”

However, Ms. Kazemia Mohaqiq, a professor in International Relations at the University of Kabul stated in an interview with Radio Times that people have different perceptions of this nuclear agreement. She goes on to say that many people believe that this agreement will have an impact on their daily lives, and many others believe this will be politically and economically beneficial for Afghanistan. Ms. Mohaqiq is of the opinion that improving the economic situation in Iran will have a positive effect on the neighboring countries. She gave the example of Afghan migrant workers in Iran and said, any increase in the need for labor in Iran will have a positive impact on the immigrants. According to Ms. Mohaqiq, as Iran’s economy recovers, following the lifting of sanctions, this will have an effect on Afghanistan’s economic situation [as well]. She [argues] that almost every family in Afghanistan has a relative or family member in Iran sending back money. Therefore, any changes in the economic condition of Iran will not only benefit the people of Iran but also the people of its neighboring countries.


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