Boehner: we will do anything to stop the nuclear agreement

[original article in Tasnim News]

John Boehner, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, stated that members of congress will raise difficult questions during the July 22nd private session with President Obama’s team on the nuclear agreement. And because this is a bad agreement that threatens the security of American citizens, “we have to stop this threat by using any possible means.”

John Kerry, Secretary of State, Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy, and Jack Lew, Secretary of Treasury, met before members of congress in a closed session where Democrats and Republicans from both the Senate and the House of Representatives placed Secretary Kerry, Moniz and Lew under extreme pressure on the details of nuclear deal. On July 23rd, the three senior officials also met in front of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to pressure US lawmakers to stop the nuclear agreement with Iran. Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, met with forty members of the American Conservative group. A spokesman from the conservative group stated that they met with Mr. Dermer and spoke about the specific measures Congress will take in monitoring the nuclear agreement with Iran.

On July 14th, Iran and the P5+1 officially announced their comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. The US Congress has 60 days to decide on this agreement.


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