European Union officially recognized Iran’s nuclear agreement

[original article in DW News]

The European Union’s foreign minister has welcomed the approved resolution to Iran’s nuclear agreement, expressing optimism for a potential détente in the Middle East to improve relations as well as build confidence between Iran and her neighbors.

On Monday, July 20th, parallel to the UN Security Council’s meeting in New York, the EU foreign ministers met in Brussels to discuss the nuclear agreement, the outlook of sanctions on Iran, and the unstable situation in Libya. With the announcement of the UN Security Council’s approval on the nuclear agreement, the EU followed in suit. Therefore, if Iran commits to its obligations the first steps in lifting the EU sanctions on Iran will begin. The resolution that has been adopted by the UN Security Council, which includes the lifting of UN sanctions, does not include the lifting of US and EU sanctions.

Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy, welcomed the official nuclear agreement and stated that this agreement will hopefully increase the likelihood of solving other Middle Eastern conflicts. During a meeting in Brussels with the EU foreign ministers, Mogherini stated that “the agreement with Iran is a testament to how diplomacy works and the possibility of rebuilding trust between Iran and its neighboring countries.”

Mogherini added that Europe will support this process and is hopeful that the agreement will have a positive effect on the regional conflicts in Syria and Yemen. The foreign minister of Germany also expressed optimism that the Iran deal will have a positive influence on the situations in the region, especially in Syria.

Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that Iran is a potential partner in the fight against the insurgent group, ISIL, in Syria, Iraq and also Libya, and the opportunity from this agreement is “one opportunity” for Iran to consider. Philip Hammond, Great Britain’s Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, was hopeful that Iran will reduce its negative approach and become a powerful manufacturer in the region. Similar comments were made by the foreign ministers of France and Luxembourg.


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