Ravanchi: Iran and British Embassies will be open soon

[original article in Bahar News]

Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Under Secretary for European and American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph said: “if the nuclear agreement is successfully implemented, Iran and America will have opportunities to cooperate on counter-terrorism.” Ravanchi further discussed how closely Iran and America can work together after the nuclear agreement: “it is far too early to discuss counter-terrorism as a foundation for other cooperations between Tehran and Washington, however this could be an area for future cooperation.”

Ravanchi commented on the opening of embassies in London and Tehran: “there are no serious issues in the way of opening a British Embassy [in Tehran], and our two countries have developed normal relations sooner than the British officials predicted.” He went on to describe the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 – which was signed in Vienna on July 14th – as a new born baby where we can see the potential for Iran’s relationship with America.

Ravanchi also said: “it is premature to want to talk about the potential cooperation Iran and America may have in the region. First we have to see how this new born baby (the nuclear agreement) develops as it gets older.” He continued, “If everything goes according to the agreement, I think there are opportunities, [however] I cannot say at this moment at what level Iran will cooperate with the West.”

Ravanchi also noted that the priority right now is to cultivate trust, “this agreement has been well supported and defended, and will be protected. If the procedure [of the nuclear agreement] is performed correctly and we develop trust over time, then opportunities will arise to deal with terrorism and extremism.” He went on to say that terrorism is not the problem of just one country or region. Therefore, opportunities do exist where Iran can work others in the future to discuss and solve this issue. Ravanchi was reminded of the progress made on the nuclear agreement as a main factor [in increasing cooperation in the future].

According to Iran, they require four to five months to implement the joint action plan.


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