Growing up an Iranian and a Muslim in America has been an amazing experience. Throughout my life I have witnessed the best and worst in people. As a result, my view, attitude, and approach in everything I do has been deliberately orchestrated to ensure that an open and compassionate line of dialogue is always present with everyone I come into contact with.

I have devoted the better half of my life to all things related to Iran. Over the course of time, since 2008, I have become somewhat of an analyst on a number of issues relating to Iran. As a result I have been sought after for consulting, advice, research, and translations. With that said, there is still so much more to learn. That is why I am constantly placing myself in strategic situations where I can learn and grow as a scholar, student, and analyst while simultaneously contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Throughout my academic career I was always fascinated with religion, philosophy, and politics. I pursued degrees in Religion, Islamic Studies, and International Relations. I felt this marriage of disciplines would better prepare me in a career focused on Iran. I have also been fortunate enough to visit and live in Iran, off and on, since 2000. Being able to analyze US-Iran issues from an American and Iranian understanding has allowed me to approach these conversations with a nuance of insight that is only seen with a hand full of individuals.


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